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Add To Cart. Regular Price. €2,90. Bolster N 19x30 V. Bolsters are used in Nordic knife making as a fitting between the blade and handle. No bolster will fit directly, they will all need some work to fit the blade you have.

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Warning: If you put the knife blade in your wife's oven without thoroughly washing the 30 weight motor oil off you will be in BIG trouble. Many books give a slightly different recipe for tempering carbon steel. The procedure they follow to temper a quenched and hardened blade is: 1. Polish the hardened blade with emery cloth so you see shiny metal.Oct 07, 2021 · Set contains: 9cm half-bolster paring knife, 14cm boning knife, 16cm flexible filleting knife, 17cm santoku, 20cm half-bolster cook’s knife, sharpening steel. This dual-branded set is a collaboration between German knife manufacturer Wusthof and British food and wine school Leiths.

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The chef knife is about 200mm long and is made off raindrop pattern damascus (1095/15n20). The thickness near the handle is 3,7mm and near the tip it is about 1,1mm. The lengt from spine to heel is 43mm. It is an hidden tang knife with a handle made of 2 pieces ebony wood with a strip of black g10 in the middle.

Blond horn handle 2 solid brass bolsters and plates 12C27 stainless steel blade (3 mm thick / Hardness: 56-57 Hrc). Spring "guilloché" Delivered in brown cardboard presentation box with certificate of origin and lifetime warrantyCut away the foam and find the metal basket that makes up the bolster. Try to figure out the best plan of attack and settle on the dremel and a cutoff wheel. 3 minutes later, a shitload of sparks, that yummy cut metal smell and some cussing and the bolster is cut out. Yay! Pull back the cover, put the trim on and now I have leg/thigh happiness!