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Multi-task learning is a very challenging problem in reinforcement learning.While training multiple tasks jointly allows the policies to share parameters across different tasks, the optimization problem becomes non-trivial: It is unclear what parameters in the network should be reused across tasks and the gradients from different tasks may interfere with each other.Most of Continuous Learning studies focus on a Multi-Task scenario, where the same model is required to learn incrementally a number of isolated tasks without forgetting the previous ones. For example in [5] , MINIST is split in 5 isolated tasks, where each task consists in learning two classes (i.e. two digits).

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GitHub Learning Lab will create a new repository on your account. Start learning Start the course by following the instructions in the first issue or pull request comment by Learning Lab bot. Since multi-task learning requires annotations for multiple properties of the same training instance, we look to synthetic images to train our network. To overcome the domain difference between real and synthetic data, we employ an unsupervised feature space domain adaptation method based on adversarial learning.

Multi-task learning for low-frequency extrapolation and elastic model building from seismic data. by Ovcharenko Oleg, Vladimir Kazei, Tariq Alkhalifah and Daniel Peter.This repository contains the general workflow and synthetic data experiments reported in my Ph.D. dissertation. AD. In this paper, we propose a multi-task learning formu-lation for predicting the disease progression measured by the cognitive scores and selecting markers predictive of the pro-gression. Speci´Čücally, we formulate the prediction problem as a multi-task regression problem by considering the pre-diction at each time point as a task.