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Also, Bethlehem's tap water was named the best tasting water in the Lehigh Valley in numerous taste tests. I work in Allentown. In my office, we have a simple Mr I have well water so I don't really care for the taste of Bethlehem water. However it is great to shower in. You don't even need hair conditioner.

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Nature of Water Disputes. Water that comes into a home can cause a significant amount of damage, resulting in ceilings and floors collapsing and possibly the development of mold which can be expensive and difficult to eradicate. Additionally, the structure of a home can be compromised due to flooding, an overflow of water or a buildup of water.

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Our area the town of Bethlehem, was with-. in the hunting region of the Abenaki tribe. The local Abenakis, covering the general area of the White In 1800, when Dr. Benjamin Water-house began vaccination for smalLpox in Bos-ton, James became an ardent advocate of it, even though a large...

May 06, 2020 ยท Moore Township is a large, rural community containing 38 square miles in north-central Northampton County, Pennsylvania. The Township entirely surrounds the small Borough of Chapman Quarries. Two larger boroughs, Bath and Nazareth, are located to the south and southeast. The township has 6 different mailing addresses due to its large size; they ...